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Renaturalization and Valorization of Peatland Biodiversity

This study arises from a context of defining restoration's strategies for Azores Ramsar areas. It's intended to create information for a strategic definition of proposals for restoration.





Prof. Dr. Eduardo Dias





-Prof. Dr. Jorge Pinheiro

- Prof. Dr. José Fontes

- Mest. Cândida Mendes

- Mest. Dinis Pereira

- Mest. Diana Pereira




- Prof. Dr. Eduardo Brito de Azevedo

- Prof. Dr. Luís Santos Pereira

- Line Rochefort (phD)

- Antonio Cortízas (phD)








 New specie of Sphagnum on Terceira island - Sphagnum recurvum P. Beauv.


- Azores Sphagnum


- Study of ecological succession regenerative promoters of the peatlands...


- Evaluation of the value of peatlands ecossystems of the Azores...


- The RAMSAR Convention Manual





-Peatlands of Sphagnum: Wetlands of interior - GEVA.





WETREST takes the first steps!


- The project was approved on January 25, 2012, although remained pending until the approval of a scholarship holder for the project.

But now, all the procedures it was completed, the project it will begin.


- The project focuses on the area RAMSAR of Terceira island.

Of all wetland in the Region, were officially designated 12 sites Ramsar, with a total area of approximately 13 000 ha, and all these sites are included in the Regional network of Protected Areas.


- It has a timescale of 3 years, and relies on the interconnection of 3 strengths areas of the DCA (Department of Agricultural Sciences - UAC):

  • Plant Ecology;

  • Soil Science;

  • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics;


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bullet Workshop II: "Wetland processes and dynamics: an approach to peatland restoration in Azores". (Click) soon...
bullet D.R.Regional Nº20/2012/A - Regulates the legal regime on accessm and use of natural resources of the RAA for scientific purposes.
bullet SER announces release:"Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas"
bullet 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Wetlands (July 2012)


  • Presentation of 1st Technical and Financial Report in February 2012.


  • 1st  Meeting of partners of the WETREST project in December 5, 2012.


  • It was initiated in March 2012 the season of fieldwork (GPR) for structural characterization dtudies of Sphagnum peatland.


  • It was established a protocol with DRRF (Regional Direction of Forest Resources) for the disposal areas for the experimental studies on restoration processes in grazed peatland.


  • Acquisition of a terrestrial GPR, with the support of DRCT.


  • Acquisition of a Probe for measuring the relative humidity at diferent depths, with the support of DRCT.




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